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Want to be a more effective leader? Want your team to be more effective working with you, each other, clients and customers?

The Heart of the Matter© is a workshop focused on three foundational ingredients for effective leadership: purpose, optimism, and integrity.

Using an interactive format, workshop participants examine their leadership practices through the lens of a leader-constituent model. Application exercises help participants build action plans for positive behavioral change to increase their effectiveness as leaders. A 30-day follow-up component helps participants assess and measure their progress.


What recent workshop participants said:

“Great points and examples of all aspects of the model’s concepts.”

“The workshop involved all participants and engaged us as individuals”

“Relevant application of social science research.”

“I learned a lot!! I am a new manager and this information was helpful and validating.”

“I learned a lot about my management style.”


The Heart of the Matter© is designed to improve your and your team’s effectiveness. That’s how organizations grow and careers advance.


Want to learn more?

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AJ Josefowitz

Leadership and Organization Development

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