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The Check-Up© is a straightforward diagnostic process to identify, understand, address, and improve or resolve important organization matters. The output is an action plan for positive change.


Although leaders attempt to stay abreast and set priorities, much is happening, the most visible matters may not be the most important, and candid feedback from others isn’t always provided. 


With the Check-Up©, the leader controls the process by identifying: 

  • Participants, commonly direct reports but could be others

  • Issues to be addressed, which could be broad in nature e.g., trust, accountability, or more focus, e.g. meeting effectiveness, strategic planning. All matters considered should be relevant to all invited to participate

With this input, an open-ended survey is created and distributed. The process assures 100% anonymity and that all participants will be given all survey responses.

  • The data is collected, organized, and returned to the leader for review

  • The leader convenes a facilitated workshop during which the data is shared, “digested,” and used to guide action plans for positive change



Commonly, people schedule annual medical check-ups to understand their state of health. Hopefully the

check-up indicates that all is well, but sometimes matters surface that require attention and might worsen if ignored. Analogously, effective leaders conduct periodic organization check-ups to discover issues that need attention. 

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