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I help leaders identify and implement improvements to the way they lead and work.

Leadership skills to motivate and inspire 

Executive Coaching
and  Leadership Development

Readiness and motivation are key to positive changes.

Meeting Design and

Meetings are expensive, so they need to be highly effective.

A path to success

You can learn more about my work and values by reading my book, Growing Confident Leaders. In the book, and in my coaching and workshops based on it, I help clients implement steps to successful leadership growth. My methods include interactive sessions with thought-provoking leadership stories  and my step-by-step model for implementing change, The Heart of the Matter.


The stories and models I use come from decades of research and professional insights on effective leader-constituent relationships. My work can provide you with powerful tools for developing your abilities to motivate and inspire. 


What my clients say

"AJ's guidance and support were invaluable. He helped me navigate complex situations with clarity, compassion, and a strategic mindset."

Heather McKissick, CEO, Credit Union Executives Society (CUES)

"AJ’s leadership and coaching plans have changed lives, saved careers, prepared staff for new challenges... and helped them become better at what they do."

Jamie Grant, Principal
Grant Management Group

"AJ is an extraordinary listener, incredibly insightful with his advice, and admirably conscientous. You and your organization will be better after spending time with him."

John Daly, Regents Distinguished Professor of Management, University of Texas
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