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Facilitating positive change

I help turn implicit assumptions and beliefs into explicitly-shared understandings and agreements

AJ Josefowitz Biography


AJ is a leadership and organization development consultant and coach who honed his craft through more than 30 years of working in global Fortune 500 companies coaching leaders and designing development programs and processes.


AJ provides insightful diagnoses and creative solutions to an array of leadership and organization development matters through individual coaching, team development, and leadership workshops.


A New Yorker at heart, AJ has been a resident of Austin, TX since 1995 and now calls it home. He has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota.



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My Philosophy and Approach


“Without sustained effort to define important questions precisely and to answer them with specific detailed evidence and clear, rigorous reasoning, an organization and its leaders are more likely to drift like a boat without a rudder, guided only by impressions and judgements that no one has thought through. In this vacuum, discussions can shift subtly from issues of external competitiveness to internal politics…”


— Harvard ethicists Joseph Badaracco and Richard Ellsworth, in Leadership and the Quest for Integrity


I help clients press for precision and clarity so that their agendas are well understood and widely supported to drive organization alignment, commitment, and accomplishment. A bias toward precision and clarity also helps insure that matters addressed are real and relevant to the organization’s growth and vitality.

Trust and community are bedrock ingredients of effective organizations, the seeds of which are sown in interpersonal interactions.

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