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Consulting services designed to improve effectiveness

I help leaders and organizations identify what they need to change to become smarter and better and then help them implement and sustain those changes 

Meeting Facilitation

Leadership team meetings need to be highly effective because they are expensive. They demand people's valuable time and productivity, and set a standard and shape the culture of how people collaborate throughout the organization. Poorly designed and conducted meetings are most organizations' single greatest productivity drain. For meetings to be effective (achieve their desired outcomes), they need to be well planned and expertly facilitated. I help leaders identify their desired outcomes, and then design and facilitate meetings that get those results. I coach participants on how to advocate their positions appropriately, listen, and not react defensively.  I also teach a workshop, "We Have To Start Meeting Like This," which helps participants implement effective meeting management practices. To learn more, see my infographic 8 Reasons You Must Have Better Meetings.

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Next Level Leadership/The Check-Up©

Effective leaders harness their team's insights and energies in ways that elevate everybody's thinking and effectiveness. They develop competence and nurture teamwork. They create alignment, match responsibilities to capabilities, and promote accountability for successes and failures.  How's your team doing?  Are you investing in their capacity for collaboration and driving change?  Do they display success-limiting tendencies like not listening well, responding defensively, withholding opinions, mistrusting other team members, etc. To learn more, see my article in Texas CEO Magazine.


The Check-Up© is a great way to start developing your team and organization toward their next level leadership.. Analogous to an annual physical exam, the Check-Up© is a diagnostic process that helps identify organization matters that need attention and create action plans for change. Click here for a description of the Check-Up©

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Leadership Development

My leadership development workshop, the Heart of the Matter, is focused on the leader-constituent relationship. The workshop explores how effective leaders help constituents discover their work’s purpose and perpetuate a culture of optimism and integrity. The workshop challenges participants to reflect on their own leadership practices and create agendas for change.

Performance Coaching

Everyone can improve their leadership practices, and some consistently do. Improvement means change, and change always takes work. Change means starting or enhancing positive leadership practices that are absent or deficient, and/or stopping existing leadership practices that diminish effectiveness. Using qualitative 360 feedback, I help leaders take inventory of their leadership practices and help them determine which to modify, delete, and/or add, and how. Readiness and motivation to be coached are key success factors in performance coaching.

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